Over 3x jump

in Conversions!

About Patent Services USA

Own My Invention is owned and operated by Patent Services USA, a Miami, Florida-based company that helps inventors patent, protect, market, and license their inventions.

With the help of Patent Services, inventors take their invention idea from inception to market, offering protection.

Patent Services provides support & guidance along the way, and they help inventors connect with service providers as they move along the path of invention patenting.

The Challenge

The problem was two-fold. Patent Services were struggling to gain traction with their audience.

Firstly, the Own My Invention website was poorly constructed, and the user experience was lacking, leading to an excessively high bounce rate.

On top of that, they did not have a clear call to action, resulting in lower-than-expected conversions.

Secondly, the Own My Invention website did not rank well organically – they did not appear in the top 10 search results on Google or Yahoo/Bing for any keywords except for their domain name.

They relied exclusively on paid search advertising but with increasing cost-per-click, they were starting to feel the pinch.

They needed to gain organic rank, and that too, quickly but it was more important to significantly increase their conversions i.e. idea submissions.

  • New player in the area, had no web presence

  • Did not have any history in the local area

  • Did not have placement on any of the search engines

The Solution

The action plan first called for the redesign & redevelopment of their website using an easy-to-manage platform.

The goal was to build a website where information was easy to find with clear calls to action – the user experience needed to be stellar!

The next step in the action plan was to create and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would leverage organic SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social sharing, social updates on specific platforms, and paid search advertising on Google.

For content marketing & social sharing, the plan called for the development of 4-6 long-form articles each month that would be posted to their learning center and shared on social.

These articles were based on the AIDA model and were supplemented by 1-2 infographics also to be posted to their learning center and shared on social media.

Finally, the plan detailed analytics usage with focus on visitors and more importantly, conversion tracking.

The plan called for using Google Analytics to track several different metrics, the most important one being a complete submission of an idea by a potential inventor.

We built Patent Services a simple, yet effective website using the Kentico Advanced CMS with SEO best practices in place for both on-site and off-site optimization.

We optimized the website to be user-friendly, to load fast and we implemented Cloudflare as CDN.

We implemented and tracked four key conversion funnels, the most important of these being when a person successfully completed the submission of an idea, whether for a product or for an app.

The idea submission process was carefully constructed so it wasn’t overwhelming.

  • Responsive, simple but functional website

  • Unique design features with an extensive image gallery

  • Streaming videos to showcase their work.

  • Fully optimized for mobile devices

  • Regular short and long-form content posted on the website

  • Ongoing link building for high placement on search engines

  • Manual outreach for the best quality links

  • Automated outreach to capture low-hanging links for long-tail keywords

  • Content syndication via PR & other portals

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Results

With the new website and diligent digital marketing, Patent Services USA saw

200% jump in conversions i.e. completion of an idea submission form
Over 107 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions on Google


A combination of proper on-page optimization coupled with rigorous off-page optimization augmented by additional marketing channels speaks volumes.