Over 239% increase

in revenue!

Over 239% increase

in revenue!

About Metal Ceiling Express

Metal Ceiling Express is a Palmetto, Florida-based manufacturer of metal ceiling tiles and related products & accessories.

Also known in the industry as stamped or embossed tin ceiling tiles or panels, their products are available in over 40 patterns and over 100 colors & finishes.

These tiles or panels can be used for outdoor & indoor ceiling installation, kitchen & bathrooms backsplash installation, wall wainscoting & various crafts & decors.

Their products are used in residential and commercial applications, from homes to hotels, restaurants to warehouses, libraries to bars, and many others.

The Challenge

Metal Ceiling Express had low visibility due to non-existent organic rank.

Although they spent significant amounts of money on paid ads on Google and Bing, they were seriously lagging behind their competitors.

Furthermore, they did not use any other online marketing channels which further contributed to the low online visibility.

They were looking for ways to increase sales using digital marketing.

  • Did not rank in the top 50 for most keywords on Google/Bing

  • Low volume of visitor traffic caused low sales

  • Minimal social presence (only a basic Facebook page)

  • Thin content did not satisfy search engine algorightms

  • Heavy reliance on Google AdWords to generate sales.

  • Inordinately high PPC spend due to high reliance on AdWords

  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) was very low, hovering between 1.4x and 1.7x

  • Didn’t use additional marketing channels: social, email, content, or video

The Solution

We started by thoroughly optimizing the website for organic rank.

We followed this by implementing rigorous link-building campaigns for organic placement using a combination of manual and automated outreach.

We then activated various social accounts and started using email marketing to regularly keep in touch with opted-in users and customers.

  • Website structure & content optimized for search performance

  • Fully optimized for mobile devices

  • Regular short and long-form content posted on the website

  • Social sharing of published material to their social profile(s)

  • Ongoing link building for high placement on search engines

  • Manual outreach for the best quality links

  • Automated outreach to capture low-hanging links for long-tail keywords

  • Content syndication via PR & other portals

  • Drip email campaigns automatically sent offers to customers based on their purchases

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Results

With the new website, Metal Ceiling Express saw

Over 230% Increase in Revenue
Over 300% Increase in Conversions

Number of Keywords in Top 10 on Google


A combination of proper on-page optimization coupled with rigorous off-page optimization augmented by additional marketing channels speaks volumes.