Over 27 keywords

in top 3 rank on Google!

About Olympus Pools

Olympus Pools of Florida were a new player in the area and were looking for a professional website to showcase their work.

They were very clear that they wanted to establish themselves in the top 5 swimming pool builders & contractors in Tampa Bay Area.

Over the years, Olympus Pools grew from a small operation to one the top pool builders in Tampa.

The Challenge

As a new player in the area, Olympus Pools were not a well-known company.

They wanted to establish their web presence and gain visibility as quickly as possible.

For this, they would require ongoing digital marketing and advertising to build brand recognition and awareness to acquire a client base.

  • New player in the area, had no web presence

  • Did not have any history in the local area

  • Did not have placement on any of the search engines

The Solution

We started by first building a simple but functional website for Olympus Pools that used extensive gallery features to showcase their work.

We included two prominent CTAs (calls to action).

We started to post relevant and educational content on their blog, building up to over 400 articles over the course of several years.

We followed this by implementing rigorous link-building campaigns for organic placement using a combination of manual and automated outreach.

  • Responsive, simple but functional website

  • Unique design features with an extensive image gallery

  • Streaming videos to showcase their work.

  • Fully optimized for mobile devices

  • Regular short and long-form content posted on the website

  • Ongoing link building for high placement on search engines

  • Manual outreach for the best quality links

  • Automated outreach to capture low-hanging links for long-tail keywords

  • Content syndication via PR & other portals

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Results

With the new website, Olympus Pools saw

300+ keywords in the top 10 placement on Google within a year
Over 27 keywords ranked in the top 3 positions on Google


A combination of proper on-page optimization coupled with rigorous off-page optimization augmented by additional marketing channels speaks volumes.