Welcome to Rajeev Ratra’s website!

I have been wanting to start my own blog for some time now and I to get it done, so here we go!

There are 3 simple reasons that have influenced me to do this.

1. Sharing Knowledge

Due to time constraints and other priorities, a lot of our actual and prospective clients don’t have access to the right information, tools, resources and material for them to make educated decisions about their online presence. Now, I have been exposed to a lot of great information and knowledge over the last 16 years of running Arnima Design and my years on Wall Street in New York and I believe that it would be very much worth sharing this knowledge. In fact, I am told by many of these people that such information will be of great help to them as they navigate through the process of getting their businesses online. After much discussion, here is a list of topics that I have narrowed things down to:

  • website design & development
  • digital marketing, what it includes and how it works
  • social media and why it’s important to use it tactically as well as
  • why quality content is important & how do you create quality content
  • mobile web users and their growing importance
  • paid advertising and marketing strategies for search engines and social media
  • advances in technology and how they affect our day-to- day business ife
  • search engines, search optimization, search marketing and more
  • email marketing and why it is still quite probably the most used e-marketing channel
  • reputation management and why it matters to you
  • and other relevant (and some not relevant) topics

2. Commitment & Accountability

Starting a blog requires a serious amount of commitment going forward. I will be the first one to say that my time management skills are a bit lacking and the intention is to work on these and to improve them. I can come up with several excuses about time management but I won’t. By launching my website and blog, I am making a commitment to myself and saying that I will hold myself accountable! The blog will be my accountability partner. I am committing to blogging regularly & consistently, at least twice each week 2-3 times. The inspiration comes from the many bloggers that I have followed over the years. One person, in particular, Seth Godin, stands out because he blogs daily and has never missed even a single post in the last many years.

By using an editorial calendar to manage the content, I believe I can remain perpetually ahead of the time crunch.

3. Increased Visibility

The last reason is a selfish one. As a digital marketing professional, the more visibility I have online, the better it is for me in terms of business, exposure and credibility. In this case, the visibility will not hurt, rather, it will be more than helpful. Exactly how, I cannot predict. Only time will tell how helpful this will be.

All material on the blog will be available via RSS, via email and of course, through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. YouTube & Google+ and also through Pinterest & Instagram depending on the type of content.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a note in the comments below! 

Thank you.

Rajeev Ratra


Published On: May 25th, 2016 / Categories: News /

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