Rajeev Ratra

A Chief Marketing Officer at a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time Resource

The Fractional CMO Advantage

Today’s marketing landscape is complex, technologically advanced, and can be daunting for many people, especially when resources are limited or expertise is stretched thin.

Whether you’re looking to refine your strategy, embrace digital transformation, or leverage AI Marketing to drive growth, I can help.

As your Fractional CMO, I provide the expertise and agility you need to propel your business forward.

With my Fractional CMO Services, you gain access to executive-level marketing leadership tailored to fit your business’s unique needs and scale.

My services offer the strategic vision, innovative solutions, and operational excellence of a Chief Marketing Officer without the commitment or cost of a full-time executive.


Fractional CMOs are an ideal fit for businesses that are looking for top-tier marketing and guidance leadership on a flexible basis.

Fractional CMO Services

Every company has unique marketing needs and challenges. The outcome of our in-depth assessment helps decide the exact action items required.

I’m a digital-first marketer dedicated to your unique marketing needs and committed to delivering measurable results.

My Fractional CMO Process

This is a general process for illustrative purposes. Please also note that not all steps are followed sequentially. The actual process depends on your marketing needs and business goals and will be refined during our engagement.

Fractional CMOs provide senior-level marketing leadership and guidance at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.

Industry Expertise

I’m a digital-first marketing professional. While I have deep expertise in several industries, I tend to focus more on the following market sectors:

Other Areas

I’ve had success in working with the following industries as well:

AI-powered marketing helps automate tasks, analyze data, learn patterns, make dynamic recommendations, and lots more!

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Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation discovery call. We’ll review your current status and immediate and long-term goals, discuss your marketing needs, and identify problem areas. I’ll provide actionable ideas along with potential solutions and help figure out the next steps.