540+ Search Terms

Top 10 on Google

540+ Search Terms

Top 10 on Google

About Metal Ceiling Express

Metal Ceiling Express is a Palmetto, Florida-based manufacturer of metal ceiling tiles and related products & accessories.

These tiles or panels can be used for outdoor & indoor ceiling installation, kitchen & bathroom backsplash installation, wall wainscoting & various crafts & decors.

Their products are used in residential and commercial applications, from homes to hotels, restaurants to warehouses, libraries to bars, and many others.


  • Did not rank in the top 50 for most keywords on Google/Bing

  • Missing Overall Marketing Guidance/Oversight
  • Unacceptable Website Performance & UX
  • Lacking Organic Placement & Low Traffic Volume
  • High Dependence on Paid Advertising
  • Low ROAS Due to Poorly Optimized PPC Campaigns
  • Inefficient Marketing Channel Usage


  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  • Optimize Website & Improve UX
  • Achieve Top 3 Organic Placement to Drive Traffic
  • Eliminate Dependence on Paid Advertising
  • Reduce Paid Advertising Costs
  • Leverage Additional Tactics/Channels to Increase Penetration
  • Leverage AI Chatbots to Answer Immediate Queries

Action Plan

  • Targeted Market Research to Refine Audience Personas
  • Optimize Website & Improve User Experience
  • Aggressive SEO to Drive Organic Placement
  • Publish & Share Educational & Informative Content
  • Optimize Paid Advertising Campaigns to Reduce Costs
  • Print Ads and Articles in Newspapers & Relevant Industry Publications
  • Printed Coupons/Offers Included in Shipments
  • Social Sharing & Posting to Build Social Presence
  • AI Chatbot & Live Chat to Provide Immediate Engagement


  • Visitor Traffic Increased by 306% (130K to 398K) over 48 months

  • 288% Increase in Revenues ($487K to $1.4M) over 48 months

  • 530+ Search Terms in Top 10 on Google

  • 120+ Search Terms #1 on Google
Increase in Revenues
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