A 377% Jump

in Visitor Traffic!

About the Patent Services Company

This Florida-based company helps inventors patent, protect, market, and license their inventions.

With their help, inventors take their invention idea from inception to market

The company provides support & guidance along the way, and they also help inventors connect with service providers as their clients move along the path of invention patenting.

Potential inventors submit their ideas on the company website and are assigned to a consultant to move the process forward.

Important: client name withheld due to confidentiality agreement.

The Challenge

The problem was two-fold.

A poorly constructed website with a sub-optimal user experience resulted in a very high bounce rate.

They did not appear in the top search results on Google or Bing, so they relied exclusively on paid ads, but increasing costs were cutting into revenues.

They needed a robust marketing plan that leveraged traditional and digital tactics to gain traction in their area.

  • A sub-par website with less than optimal user experience

  • Did not appear in the top 50 search results on search engines

  • Exclusive reliance on paid search ads was getting very costly

  • CPC (cost-per-click) went up significantly due to increased competition

  • Lead conversions (idea submissions) dropped significantly

The Action Plan

The action plan first called for the redesign & redevelopment of their website followed by a solid marketing strategy to increase traffic, drive awareness and generate leads.

  • Build website using an easy to manage platform

  • Multiple clear, calls-to-action to prompt user action

  • Heavy focus on UI & UX to reduce bounce rate

  • AI-based chatbot & live chat to answer immediate queries

  • Traditional marketing via print ads in magazines and publications

  • Aggressive SEO to build credibility, increase traffic and generate leads

  • Fine-tune PPC and reduce CPC by improving the quality score of ads

  • Create long-form content to educate users and increase interest and consideration

  • Create infographics and other visuals for social sharing

  • Multiple conversion paths to generate TOFU & MOFU leads

  • Ongoing social sharing to build awareness and initiate dialogue

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Outcome

With the new website and consistent marketing, the patent services company achieved:

  • Over 102 search terms in the top 3 rank on Google within six months

  • Over 172 search terms in the top 3 rank on Bing/Yahoo within six months

  • Conversions (completion of the idea submission form) jumped 3.07x within 24 months

  • A 377% increase in visitor traffic with a 7.24% conversion rate within 24 months

  • Over 150 articles (general & educational) posted on the blog and learning center

Keywords in Top 3 on Google
Jump in Lead Conversions
Increase in Visitor Traffic