A 433% Jump

in Inbound Leads!

About the Company

The client is a Florida-based company specializing in industrial cleaning and repair services.

With multiple locations nationwide, they were looking to drive more website traffic and increase inbound leads globally and across each location.

Important: client name withheld due to confidentiality agreement.

The Challenge

Given they were the only player in their area, the client did not use a comprehensive marketing strategy – they mainly relied on paid advertising, limited social presence, word-of-mouth, and referrals.

That changed when two new companies entered their market space, and they started falling behind.

  • Did not have in-house strategic marketing leadership

  • Limited organic placement on major search engines

  • Inbound leads were decreasing by location because of new competitors

  • Wanted to move away for heavy reliance on paid advertising

Strategic Action Plan

  • Leverage educational content to generate interest and build awareness

  • Optimize website interface to enhance UX

  • Ongoing SEO to improve organic rank and drive more visitor traffic

  • Ongoing SEO to improve organic rank and drive more visitor traffic

  • Gradually scale back on paid advertising to reduce cost

  • Selectively leverage social media marketing

  • In-house sales team to take over marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)

The Outcome

Ongoing marketing campaigns resulted in an increase of 433% in inbound leads.

  • 122+ search terms in the top 3 rank on Google

  • 175+ search terms in the top 10 rank on Google

  • Incoming inbound leads grew by 433%

  • A 4.2% jump in conversion rate (from 1.2% to 5.4%)

Keywords in Top 3 on Google
Jump in Inbound Leads
Increase in Visitor Traffic