Over 182,000 Inbound

Leads Generated!

About the Company

The client is a Florida-based company specializing in marketing services.

The company was looking to grow inbound leads for its clients in one of the verticals that it serviced.

They were looking for a targeted digital marketing plan that could be scaled across multiple customer websites with focus on organic placement, paid search advertising, and social media marketing (including paid social ads).

Important: client name withheld due to confidentiality agreement.

The Challenge

Their clients did not rank organically but relied heavily on paid search and social advertising.

Their clients received a steady number of inbound leads but were highly dependent on the cost-per-click (CPC) due to fixed monthly budgets.

They wanted to increase organic traffic and reduce paid advertising costs.

  • Mimimal organic rank on search engines

  • Inbound leads for clients were increasing in cost due to higher CPCs

  • Inbound leads were declining

The Action Plan

The primary goal was to increase the number of inbound leads for their clients.

Furthermore, they wanted the plan to be easily replicated across multiple customers.

They wanted to focus on organic placement, reduced paid advertising costs, and increased focus on social marketing.

  • Ongoing SEO to increase traffic to client websites

  • Reduce PPC and paid social advertising costs

  • Ongoing social sharing to build awareness and initiate dialogue

  • Posted and syndicated 2 to 3 long-form articles per month for each client
  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Outcome

The client achieved an average increase of 302% in inbound leads across some 62 client websites

  • Over 1200 search terms in the top 3 rank on Google within nine months

  • Over 2400 search terms in the top 3 rank on Bing/Yahoo within six months

  • A aggregate jump in conversions across clients of 252% within nine months

  • Over 1,000 educational articles posted on client sites in 6 months

  • A average 3.9x increase in inbound leads with a average conversion rate of 7.7%

Inbound Leads Generated
Keywords in Top 3 on Google
Jump in Conversions

The use of relevant lead magnets and ongoing organic optimization grew inbound traffic significantly for their clients.