A 6.12x Increase

in Inbound Leads!

About the Appraisal Management Company

The client is a Florida-based nationwide appraisal management company (AMC) specializing in residential & commercial real estate valuations.

The company was looking for ways to increase its footprint nationally.

They indicated they wanted a comprehensive marketing plan that leveraged traditional and digital tactics to gain traction nationally.

Important: client name withheld due to confidentiality agreement.

The Challenge

They did not rank organically on search engines, they did not have any paid marketing campaigns in place.

In addition, they did not do any content marketing nor did they leverage social media marketing.

They relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals.

Their inbound leads were slowly drying up.

  • No organic rank on any of the major search engines

  • Did not have a marketing plan in place

  • Exclusive reliance on word-of-mouth referrals did not generated sufficient leads

  • Inbound leads were decreasing continually

The Action Plan

The marketing strategy had one primary goal: lead generation.

This required an aggressive traffic generation plan and relied heavily on organic optimization.

The secondary goal was for them to establish credibility in the industry and become one of the most recognized AMCs nationally.

  • Ongoing SEO to build increase traffic, generate leads and build credibility

  • AI-based chatbot & live chat to answer immediate queries

  • Traditional marketing via print ads in magazines and publications

  • Ongoing social sharing to build awareness and initiate dialogue

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Outcome

With the new website and consistent marketing, the patent services company achieved:

  • Over 100 search terms in the top 3 rank on Google in 6-9 months

  • Over 175 search terms in the top 3 rank on Bing/Yahoo within six months

  • A jump in conversions (completion of idea submission) of 252% within six months

  • Over 150 educational articles posted on the blog and learning center

  • A 3.8x increase in visitor traffic with a 4.9% conversion rate

Keywords in Top 3 on Google
Jump in Conversions
Increase in Visitor Traffic