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About Vacant Property Services

Vacant Property Services is an industry leader in securing, maintaining, and managing vacant properties.

Since 1993, VPS has been trusted by a wide range of customers throughout various industries.

VPS’ innovative suite of security products and expert services allow customers to protect and preserve their properties against unauthorized access while maintaining their property’s value.

VPS has multiple distribution centers throughout the United States and delivers customized and relevant solutions for each local market.

The Challenge

Vacant Property Services (VPS) wanted to cement its position as a leader in vacant property management services.

As a national player, VPS did not have a web presence and, therefore, did not have any organic placement.

VPS wanted to use only organic placement on search engines to drive the bulk of their traffic.

They did not want to rely on paid advertising, social media, or other marketing channels.

  • Did not have any web presence and hence no search engine placement

  • Wanted to leverage organic search placement to drive the bulk of their visitor traffic

  • Did not want to use paid advertising, social marketing, or any other channels

The Outcome

A simple but comprehensive strategy was implemented, starting with an easy-to-manage website followed by aggressive SEO to build rank and credibility.

  • Build website using an easy-to-manage platform

  • Create and execute comprehensive organic search optimization (SEO) plan

  • Manual outreach to gain high-quality and high-value links for organic placement

  • Use Google Analytics to track website visitors and engagement

The Results

With the new website and ongoing organic SEO, VPS has seen:

Keywords in Top 10 on Google
Traffic from Organic Search
Increase in Visitor Engagement

A combination of proper on-page optimization and rigorous off-page optimization augmented by additional marketing channels speaks volumes.