Jump in Inbound Leads!

About The Swimming Pool Company

The pool company was a new player in the area and hence an unknown entity.

They were looking for a professional website to showcase their work.

They wanted to become one of the top 5 swimming pool builders & contractors in the Tampa Bay Area.

Important: client names are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.

The Challenge

Given that they were a new player in the area, they were an unknown entity.

They did not have a website or social presence and, of course, zero leads to start.

They would require ongoing marketing to build brand recognition and acquire a client base.

  • New player in the area, had no web presence

  • Did not have any history in the local area

  • Did not have placement on any of the search engines

  • Zero inbound leads at the beginning

The Action Plan

The initial action plan called for a new website, content creation, and ongoing digital marketing activities.

  • Build responsive and functional website

  • Photo & video gallery to showcase their work

  • Social marketing to increase awareness and build interest

  • Regular short and long-form content posted on their blog

  • Content sharing via email and on social profiles

  • Content syndication via PR & other portals

  • Ongoing link building for high placement on search engines

  • Email marketing keep in touch with inbound prospects

  • Marketing automation to nurture prospects through funnel

  • Traffic & conversions tracked and monitored for review & optimization

The Outcome

With the new website and ongoing digital marketing, the pool company achieved:

  • Over 300 search terms in top 10 result pages on Google & Bing

  • Inbound leads jumped by almost 4x over two years

  • Over 400 articles posted on their blog over three years

  • Steady traffic led to a conversion rate of over 8% for inbound leads

  • Combination of PPC with SEO resulted in a steady flow of inbound leads

Keywords in Top 10 on Google
Increase in Inbound Leads
Conversion Rate

A robust marketing strategy focused heavily on digital marketing and implemented diligently and consistently worked like clockwork (almost)!